Ailet Corporation is the trading company specializing in exporting machinery products towards Southeast Asian countries.

Ailet Corporation aims to become the trading company which should be indispensable for our customers, suppliers and societies.

Ailet Corporation is a trading company specializing in exporting machinery products such as generators to Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries in Southeast Asia.
Our president, Mr.Takenori KOJIMA has established this company aiming at contributing to society after he had been trained on trading business by one of the emerging countries, Vietnam. Our motto is to keep ourselves aware of the business role as a trading company for the sake of the sustainable appreciation and satisfaction by our customers and suppliers.
Based on the history and experiences of our president, who has realized his dream on trading business, we have a dream that our company will grow furthermore by collaboration and investment through entrepreneurs who have ambitions to set up a new global business in the trading and distribution fields.



2011/05/23 The website was opened to the public.