Our slogan: To be indispensable to our customers and partners.

We always extend our ANTENNA to receive information so that we can integrate it into new ideas and action.

We respect each INDIVIDUALITY to expand our business without limits.

We are humble to anyone as our teacher and we are also hungry for LEARNING

We are not content with the present situation, but we keep EVOLUTION in mind for steady improvement.

We never forget to say THANKS to anyone, anytime!

Our activities with specialty

Ailet Corporation is the trading company specializing in machinery products represented by generators.
We can communicate quickly with customers overseas. It's sales destination is mainly Vietnam and Cambodia. We also have firm alliances with local agents and partners, and would like to develop the mutual relationships with them.

Advantages of small group

Ailet Corporation takes full advantage of a small group so that we can make quick decisions for responsive service and support to customers accordingly. We can also offer flexible solutions in accordance with requests and demand of our customers. We spare no effort to provide excellent service and support so that our customers can find a reliable value in our activities.
Moreover, we have a philosophy that we are not only selling products, but also offering our service and support with which our customers can be satisfied.

Mr. Takenori KOJIMA (Born in 1970)
He studied in London for a half year and traveled to more than 30 countries as an independent back-packer during a student of Aoyama Gakuin University. After graduation, he joined a Japanese trading firm specializing in the Vietnamese market as he aimed to become the global merchant in the future. Thanks to the emerging market in Vietnam where he dealt with hundreds of products and as the company's atmosphere to respect individuality of each other, he made up his mind to be independent in business and established his own company. He has a talent to develop the market by mutual reliability with global partners.

Hobby: Marathon, Garden farming, Cooking.
Creed: Make action soon after an idea occurs.
Motto on business: Passion, Tenacity of purpose, Self-reliance.

Mr. Masahiko WATABE (Born in 1958)
I love to interact with people.
Conversations with people of foreign countries can be fun and a lot of fun to learn at the same time.
In former job, I was in charge of IT business at home appliance company. With 11 years of experience in North America, I acquired new transactions with major PC companies and expanded further sales. After that, I was engaged in sales of generators in next company.
I think that sales is an ideal job for me, and I want to be the employee on the front line, until my carrier ends.

Hobby: Camera, Music, Cooking, Gardening
Creed: Relationship cannot be made without conversation.
Motto on business: Customer first priority.